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Puyallup, WA

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Mon - Fri : 07.00 AM - 05.30 PM



Our Classes

Our Classes

Individual and group age ­appropriate activities to actively engage children and encourage social, cognitive and emotional growth.


Early childcare can lay the foundations for reading, and help prevent reading problems from developing.


Early writing -scribbles, drawing, a child's first attempts at letters or his name, develops more than just fine motor skills. It is a way for children to communicate their thoughts and feelings to others.


Creativity is children's unique response to all that they see, hear, feel and experience.

Our Program

Our Programs are Tailored For Each Child's Needs

General Science

Young children learn the skills of asking questions, testing hypotheses, and reporting their results using simple, hands-on materials.


We use puppets, props, stories, songs, and dances to make learning, recognizing, mimicing, producing, and teaching music fun.


We Utilize simple board games like shutes and ladders as well as simple math games like dominoes. Classic games like rock, paper, scissors.

Why Choose Us

Different kids, different learning

Every student learns differently; some absorb information better by seeing pictures, others through listening, or participating in hands-on activities. To make sure your child is getting the educational support they need for success, we determine which style works best for them and how we can maximize their learning potential!

Indoor Play Area

Multiple play stations to entice your child's imagination and creativity.

Outdoor Play Area

Safe, clean and durable play structures / equipment to explore and experience.

Reading Area

Comfortable and cozy setting to enjoy stories while exercising our imaginations.


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